Doing a Good Paint Job at Home

If you are planning to give your home a new cozy and appealing look, you better consider repainting it. It is not actually a difficult task because you won’t need an elaborate plan and execution of it. In fact, home painting is just one of the most enjoyable parts in remodeling your home for a warmer and beautiful effect.

By painting your room or the whole interior of you house, you’ll certainly get rid of the forlorn look of the old paint job. But how do you go about it the way professional house painters do? Let’s take it one step at a time.

  1. Make a plan. Your plan must be clear enough in terms of the budget you’re allotting for the activity, the colors you’ve chosen and the time length of your project.
  2. Examine the area you’ll be painting. Doors, walls, ceilings, bathrooms etc. – you need to know the surfaces of these areas so that you could paint it well. Make sure that the surfaces are smoothened out and cleaned well before you begin the process. Aside from that, knowing the areas will also set the limits of what you can do.
  3. Think of a concept for your paint job. It would be better to get some ideas from books and magazines. Better yet, surf the internet for some themes and expert opinions on specific color schemes.
  4. Buy the painting materials and tools. Your checklist should include paint, paintbrushes, paint rollers, stepping ladder. Buy the right colors from a good paint house, and ask any of its salespeople for some tips on color blending, etc. to achieve good results.
  5. Learn the process. Understand the idea of priming, the process of painting with the first base coat of color before you proceed to painting with your chosen color. Or if you like, you may just proceed right away. When you paint, you better cover all pieces of furniture with newspaper or any disposable material.

The roller and the ladder are a big help in this complicated process. Paint using a one-way vertical direction. This will ensure that the paint is applied equally. Once dry, apply another coat until you get the color quality you want see.

Painting can be tough on your arms, shoulders and neck, especially when you’re painting the ceiling. You can get stiff neck and back pains if you overdo it. So take a break every now and then. Think of the whole task as a workout: ‘No pain, no gain.’