The Five Best Advantages Of Voip

The Five Best Advantages Of VoIP
What is VoIP?
VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol – a technology that allows users to communicate over the internet. VoIP works through converting a phone call into digitally compressed data that is transmitted through the internet and converted into a telephone signal. Simply put, VoIP allows anyone with a computer and VoIP phone to make inexpensive phone calls. VoIP has been dubbed “internet telephony” because of the impressive benefits and advantages over traditional phones. Below are five different reasons why everyone should take advantage of VoIP.

Save Money
One of the most popular reasons people prefer VoIP is to save money. VoIP allows users to bypass conventional telecommunication lines through the power of the internet. This means you don’t have to pay for a landline or a large bill with long distances charges. Companies can save even more because they don’t have to pay for multiple lines, equipment and maintenance. Companies can centralize and combine voice and data traffic into one physical network. This approach is simple, organized and saves money.

Improve Communication
Traditional communication technology is scattered between different devices – phones, email, fax, IM (instant message), texting and video conferencing. VoIP centralizes communication into one standard format. People are busy and businesses are busier. One challenge of the modern age is being able to connect with someone at the right time, in the right place. VoIP allows users to see if others are online and thus available.

Multi-Task Away
VoIP increased productivity through encouraging users to multi-task without interruption. There is no need to check the fax machine, go to the video conference room, make a call and then use the computer. Users are able to simultaneously talk on the phone, send real time messages and transfer files. There is no need for travel with virtual meetings and video conferencing.

Added Features
VoIP offers additional functions and features beyond what traditional phones do. For example, voicemail to email transcription is a great time saver that transcribes voicemail and then email. Auto attendant is an impressive feature that allows callers to choose an appropriate extension through an interactive menu. Finally, find me/follow me call routing lets users create a list of numbers that will be called before it goes to voicemail.

VoIP phone adaptors can turn any landline into a VoIP phone and they can be carried anywhere. Users can make and receive calls anywhere as long as there is a broadband connection.

Overall, VoIP can save money, improve communication and allows users to multitask. In addition to this, there are great additional features and flexibility. VoIP phones are a perfect solution for both individuals and businesses.

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